Making your first foray into the world of aesthetics treatments can be daunting!

What ARE anti-aging treatments, fillers, peels etc?  Will I be made to feel that I need to spend my life and my mortgage payments trying to undo the “damage” that my practitioner diagnoses?  Will I be made to look weird?

Relax!  Aesthetic treatments are just that, aesthetic.

They will help you to address particular issues that bother you, or make you look younger or fresher, but you will never be made to feel that you ought to commit to anything you are not comfortable with.  All initial consultations are free, and you are encouraged to go away and think about any recommendations, rather than rushed into treatments you haven’t thought through.

A good aesthetic facial treatment is one which enhances your natural beauty,

not one that announces itself as an “add on” to a normal face.  Duck lips and blank expressions are not promoted here.  The ethos at Eliza Clark is always to under promise and over perform.  So have a wander around the website, it’ll answer a lot of your questions.  Send me an email, make an appointment, but don’t ever worry that you’ll be persuaded to a treatment that isn’t right for you.  At Eliza Clark Aesthetic Clinic, the most important person is, always, you.