Non surgical rhinoplasty (nose refinement)

Many people are dissatisfied with the shape of their nose, and even consider plastic surgery to alter the shape. In many cases, we can refine the shape of the nose using dermal fillers, avoiding the expense, pain, recovery time and uncertainty of result which surgery entails.

As the central feature, the nose is a key component of the face.  Whilst a straight nose goes almost unnoticed, one that is crooked or irregularly shaped will draw the eye. Because it divides the face in half, it is critical to symmetry. We associate symmetry with health, and therefore with attractiveness.

Non Surgical rhinoplasty uses dermal fillers to contour the nose. Judicious use of filler which honours the contours of the face can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of the nose whatever your age, gender or ethnicity. 

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty can be used to:-

Augment the bridge of the nose where there is a lack of projection or definition.

Reduce a bump or hump on the bridge which distorts the profile or makes the nose overly prominent.  Surprisingly , adding filler in this way actually makes the nose appear smaller, as the eye skims past where there was once irregularity.

Correct deviations and asymmetries

Refine the nasal tip – As the point of farthest projection, the tip of the nose is very important to its overall appearance.  An asymmetrical, bulbous or droopy tip can be distracting.

Non surgical rhinoplasty can be accomplished in approximately half an hour. Most people find it surprisingly pain free.  Results will initially last 3-6 months (quantity of filler used is generally small, hence shorter duration), but with repetition they tend to last 12-18 months at a time.