Skin Peels

Chemical peels are formulated to erase or reduce damage, particularly with issues  such as pigmentation or fine wrinkles that are often a result of sun damage.  The peels we perform vary in depth from mild to deep.  The aim is always to achieve clearer, more even-toned, healthier skin.  Generally speaking we recommend 3-4 sessions, each one 2-3 weeks apart, once every year to maintain and optimise results.

We particularly like to use Ennerpeel products, for the following reasons:

The precise formula used can be adjusted to meet every patient’s individual needs, for example different parts of the face may benefit from different peels, so we can create a peel which is bespoke to you.  We don’t offer a one size fits all, because frankly, it doesn’t!  Enerpeel allows us to address your specific needs, resulting in greater benefits in terms of smooth, luminous skin.

Ennerpeels can have dramatic impact with minimal surface irritation. This is because all Enerpeels are comprised of a ‘carrier’ solution which means that the active ingredients are carried deep into the skin before they start working.  Most peels start working as soon as they hit the surface of the skin causing superficial impacts, rather than deeper benefits.

Conditions we can improve with peels:

  • TCA peels for moderate to severe photo aging and chrono aging and severe hyperpigmentation
  • Fine surface wrinkles and superficial blemishes and pigmentation
  • Salicylic acid peels for treating acne skin on face, chest and back reduce oil production, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation
  • Mandelic acid peel, derived from almond oil, which reduces the redness and hyperreactivity of sensitive skins and rosacea prone skin and addresses the redness and pigment associated with these conditions