Skin Rejuvenation case study

Physician: Dr. Judith Hellman

Procedure: Fractora 24 coated pin tip on full face for cystic acne and acne scarring

Patient information: 17 year old female – Skin Type IV

Sessions: 6 treatments; 4 weeks apart

Prior to treatment the skin was cleansed with absolute ethanol. Immediately following Fractora, Aquaphor ointment was applied to the skin. The patient was instructed to continue using Aquaphor at home 2 – 3 times a day for a total of three days after the procedure. Concurrent treatments included topical agents (Dapsone or Clindamycin) twice a day. The clearance of active acne remains profound after one year post treatment regime.

Treatment Location Energy Level Passes
1st Tx Face 35 1; Double Stack
1st Tx Forehead 30 1; Double Stack
4th Tx Face 50 1Triple Stack; 1 Double Stack
4th Tx Forehead & Nose 40 1; Double Stack
6th Tx Face 50 1Triple Stack; 1 Double Stack
6th Tx Forehead & Nose 40 2; Double Stack