Slimming, firming and reshaping with e-fitness

The intelligent way to tone your face and body fast – efitness!

If you’re looking to firm up muscle fast, or tone your face so you can look younger even if you don’t like the idea of injectables, then you’ve been looking for efitness. 

How e-fitness it works

The e-fitness equipment works by transmitting perfectly safe electro stimulation waves via electrodes that are connected to the muscles on the surface of the skin. These muscle motor points have lost tone due to motor inactivity. The fast contraction and subsequent relaxation of the muscle during the treatment and the precise positioning of the electrodes allows this machine to target specific areas of the body with the right electro wave for the desired result the customer needs.

During muscle contraction, energy is collected from the surrounding tissue and adipocyte content comes out, which allows the transformation of fat into glucose at the metabolic level. This process is called Lipolysis (splitting of fats). Depending on the wave type used, we have different muscle contraction, so different results can be achieved depending on the customers’ needs.

Using the efitness electro stimulator, the muscles are contracted 150 times more than normal exercise in the gym. Burning calories with electro stimulation gets your customers body into shape with visible results after just one treatment.

A 30 minute session with efitness = 3 hour gym session

And your customers can return straight back to work or go about their day without having got a sweat on!

Available Wave Forms



Lymphatic drainage, thanks to the perfect synergy between the unit pulses and the heart.



Weight-loss program with a inch loss from 1 to 4 cm from the first session.


80% Firming with 20% Slimming. This program is a passive exercise that really tones up.



100% firming program, comparable with the Pilates method.



Deep muscle toning, works on all the muscle fibres, for a lifting effect all over the body. It is a complete muscular treatment to reshape your silhouette.



Connective stimulation and vibrations to recover skin tone. This program actives collagen and elastin synthesis and increases oxygenation of the tissue to recover the brightness of the skin.

Efitness combines beautifully with fat freezing and contouring treatments, to fight mum tums, dad bods, love handles and jiggly bits.  Used on the face it gives a beautiful workout which lifts and firms and fights aging. Get beautifully firm with efitness.