Tixel skin improvement

The Tixel is perfect for someone who wants to achieve smoother, healthier skin, especially around the eyes, without the usual downtime treatments entail. Normal daily activities can be resumed following treatment and mineral makeup can be applied after 2 days. Thus it’s popular to have them done on a Friday or Saturday to have the weekend to recover. Tixel is used to treat a wide array of conditions.  It has ablative and non-ablative settings to tailor treatment to the individual, and is suitable for use right up to the lash line for crepey skin around the eyes, without the downtime and side effects of regular lasers.

Advantages of Tixel:

  • removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps clear age spots and pigmentation
  • improves luminosity and quality of skin
  • very safe
  • low downtime, practical and workable for busy people
  • competitive pricing
  • treat eyes, face, neck, hands and decolletage
  • safe in all skin types and ethnicities
  • Results are long-lasting provided all aftercare instructions are followed.

Employing a grid of 81 tiny pyramids, heat is delivered to the skin in a controlled transfer to achieve the following results. Skin tightening and skin resurfacing whilst in ablative mode, and product delivery in non ablative mode, where open channels are created in the skin, allowing product absorption into the deep dermis for maximum improvement in glow and texture. 

Hear what some of the leaders in Aesthetic practice have to say about Tixel:-

Dr Tapan Patel – Phi Clinic

” I have been using Tixel for the past year and a half, one of the best devices I ever bought, particuarly for peri-orbital rejuvenation, fantastic results for scarring and general skin sundamage”

 Consultant oculoplastic surgeon Sabrina Shah Desai

“Gives the effect of a CO2 laser, but without the downtime… its safety profile is excellent.. The main reason I bought it was seeing results on 1 patient … she had loose crepey skin under the eye and had an amazing result… I cannot begin to say how Tixel has changed my practice and increased my patient footfall”

Dr Harryono Judodihardjo, dermatologist and owner of 3 clinics

 “Tixel is a gamechanger, so popular and such good results I now have 3 machines!”